Here are Bluez binaries and modules. Brief instructions:
1. Put the modules in /lib/modules/..., replace the ones that came with the kernel if necessary. Add the following to /etc/modules.conf
alias tty-ldisc-15 hci_uart
alias net-pf-31 hci
alias bt-proto-0 l2cap
2. Put the libs and binaries in [/usr]/lib and [/usr]/bin respectively. Put hcid.conf and rfcommd.conf in /etc/bluetooth and bluetooth.conf in /etc/pcmcia and make sure cardmgr loads it
3. Insert your card or the Compaq Bluetooth expansion sleeve
4. (Optional) If you are using the sleeve, you need to change the csr chip to h4 mode in order for it to work with Bluez, follow the instructions below. Then run 'setserial /dev/tts/0 baud_base 1000000' before running 'hciattach /dev/tts/0 csr 115200 flow', which should enable the device.
5. Run hcid. Bluetooth should be functional.
There are examples in the old binaries package on how to establish a rfcomm connection.

I've discovered how to get the Nokia 6310 to connect (using GPRS) more than once without power cycles! You need to put +++ath0 into a pppd disconnect script, just closing rfcommd (and as a consequence pppd) isn't apparently enough, even though the phone indicates that it disconnects both the GPRS connection and the bluetooth one.
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